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We are here to help everyone in need

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"We, at Karma, believe what goes around comes around.With this intent, we make efforts towards creating a better nation and world at large, so that in return, we can have a better world to live in. We also believe that the present and the future are interlinked, therefore the seeds that we sow today will be the fruits of the future. The welfare of society is at the heart of KARMA."

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People We Helped in 2021
22 k
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1.4 mil
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We at the Karma Foundation are committed and driven towards bringing in the change by availing love, support, care, and nourishment to people with our initiatives. Our thoughtful initiatives have empowered people across the World.

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Our Set of Principles

To foster sustainable development by mobilizing a robust network of people and organizations that work hand in hand with communities to achieve real impact.

Let's Execute

Transform communities through long-term capacity building models that meaningfully integrate

Let's Do it

We like to support those in need in such a way that they become self reliant and have a foundation to their life very strong

Hand in Hand

Being positive it is the utmost need for the Humanity to focus on the things that help us to grow as a person and as a community

Let's Ignite

Creating Awareness for the educated society is must in the modern times so that the equality is achieved for the humanism

Let's Educate