(Health/Women Empowerment)

RIGHT TO CLEANLINESS (Health/Women Empowerment)

Cleanliness and hygiene are the building blocks of society and to have the blessing to enhance these vital parts is what Karma Foundation is thankful for. Right to Cleanliness is a drive to promote the importance of cleanliness and hygiene among individuals, especially amongst women in rural areas where hygiene literacy is low and awareness for the same is lacking. Under the initiative, the following deeds were carried out: India’s first Sanitary Pad Manufacturing Unit in Sabarmati Jail Manufacturing and Distribution of Sanitary Pads Conducting Awareness Sessions and Health Camps 15 female prisoners (and possibly more) produced more than 3 , 000 semi biodegradable sanitary pads every day since 2018. Provided support to more than 60,800 women by giving access to sanitary pads and spreading awareness related to menstrual hygiene. Conducted multiple online and offline awareness sessions and distribution drives nationally to promote menstrual hygiene. Got featured in top media coverage for the contribution. On top of that, the Foundation received Glory of Gujarat and Bharat ki Lakshmi awards for this initiative.

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