(Livelihood/Education/Youth Development)

PRAYAS (Livelihood/Education/Youth Development)

Livelihood is in the hands of basic food, shelter, and medicines for the able and living. When deprived of that, the human race is at stake. Through Prayas, we strived to create a larger impact by proving the people in need with the basics and uplifting the standard of living to a favorable state. Survey of Homeless people to list out and nullify the possible obstacles. Supporting people during natural calamities by providing food, medical kits, and clothes. Operating street schools for homeless kids for access to Education. Running quarterly distribution drives including basic goods. Fulfilling requirements of needy people from scratch. Karma Foundation surveyed more than 5,000 homeless families in the city. We have directly and indirectly reached more than 1,37,000 families. We have had maximum participation in our events, and distribution works from the underprivileged, and the campaigns have successfully reached maximum people.

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