About Pi Club

Pi Club Ahmedabad is a platform for cultural activities and emerging new culture. It is a commune for the likeminded young. In order to create a place and culture which provide an environment to grow personally, socially and intellectually.

This unique mindset called Pi club is designed to carry out reading as well as interactive activities targeting the children of age ranging from 13 to 19 years from all social, economic, cultural backgrounds.

We provide them with resources and some proven methods to evolve their thinking pattern so that they can sit with peers from various backgrounds and discuss and come up with solution for various issues related to the society from an early age.

While developing their own views and opinions and sharing the same with other members of this community, our pi members will be an out of the box thinking generation.

Workshops, group discussions, visits to places, contests, knowledge sharing sessions, role plays, exchanges, art and culture programs, techno exposure, and global connect for children who share similar hobbies.

Our Pi members say: “Change makers are born and we took birth at Pi Club Ahmedabad.“

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