Correction Home

Dedicated to children (7 to 18 years), Correction Home holistically nurtures ‘unwanted’ children with special needs.

Each year thousands of children from urban, low-income or even homeless backgrounds are abandoned in India. Karma takes deep pleasure in associating itself with an NGO called Correction Home that offers the very first chance to these ‘unwanted’ population to truly enjoy themselves away from the day-to-day dangers they can experience otherwise.

Often these children have special learning needs or attention deficit disorders - or at the very least a tough personality to cope with; therefore it remains a challenge to teach skills to these children that could somehow contribute to their positive development.

The task that Correction Home undertakes is that it encourages its children to have fun and develop new skills and experiences in a safe and happy environment. Achieving the same is truly rewarding and an enriching experience. At Correction Home, it is ensured that all their children get the care and support they require throughout their time.

Karma maintains a close association with Correction Home wherein it promotes equal access to resources for all children, and recognizes the urgent need to respond to the increasing number of poor children, in India. What makes Karma as an intricate part of Correction Home is the realization that such children are affected by a combination of limitations that include hunger, illness, illiteracy, homelessness, and discrimination, which act as a major hindrance in their effective development.

Therefore, it is crucial that we recognize our role in enabling such under-privileged children to participate fully in a democratic society. It can be made possible only if proper utilization of a wide variety of available resources and strategies take place. Along with Correction Home, Karma executes well planned programs of training and development that play a significant role in identifying and addressing children’s needs and thus delivering relevant services.