About Ahmedabad Book Club

The Ahmedabad Book Club is a platform for people who are inclined towards literature, where they come together to discuss, to share , to debate and to promote literature.

We started our journey in January 2012, it was the brainchild of Ms. Priyanshi Patel, supported and backed by Ms Khurshid Ravji. Of course faced many challenges at the initial stage, but the dedication and vision of the founders made it reaching to new heights of success each year of the journey.

We began with our vision and have reached to 17000+ members online, who take part in our sessions, online discussions, debates & many other activities.

Ahmedabad Book Club is now associated with number of groups and organizations around the nation.

Ahmedabad Book Club’s journey was quite interesting till now, but the journey to achieve the new goals is still ON.

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